About Bionema

Bionema is a spin out company from Swansea University, set up in June 2012 by Dr Minshad  Ansari, with the vision of becoming a leading independent biological control product testing and development company.

A hand-picked team of experts with extensive experience in applied entomology and microbial biotechnology is key to the understanding of and development in the bio-pesticide market.

Research is focused on the development of environmentally friendly naturally-occurring microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and nematodes, as bio-pesticides which protect crops from insect damage, help improve global food safety, security and increase crop yields.

As one of the very few organisations who specialise in chemical-free crop protection, our aim is to help reduce the use of synthetic pesticides which harm the environment and negatively impact on human health

Pre-commercialisation services – biopesticide trials, development and implementation, consultancy, analytical and R&D solutions, glasshouse testing and field trials are aimed at increased efficiency of biopesticide application and guaranteeing product quality.

Our unrivalled  breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise is derived from more than 35 years of combined experience in the control of pest and disease sector.

Our Touchstones

Unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise in testing, R&D, consultancy and training within the field of crop protection – improving pest control and profitability.

To find out more, please telephone us on 01792 606916 or email to info@bionema.com