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Bionema Chemical Free Organic Products: Championing UN Sustainability Goals

Bionema is a biocontrol technology company dedicated to providing eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for crop protection and plant health management. Using advanced microbial technologies, Bionema enhances crop protection, stimulates beneficial soil organisms, and offers chemical-free organic solutions for horticulture, forestry, sports turf management, and agriculture.

Innovative Organic Products

Bionema’s flagship products include a range of biocontrol, biofertilizers, biostimulants, organic nutrients, surfactants, and patented organic pest control, soil quality and yield boosters. These products are designed to improve overall plant health and are directly applied to soil, seeds, or seedlings, contrasting traditional fertilizers which are typically sprayed or dispersed over large areas.

Collaborations and Impact

Bionema collaborates with various sectors, including horticulture projects, sports turf management, forestry (both planned and natural), and public landscape maintenance. These partnerships help maintain pest-free environments, controlling mosquitoes and other harmful organisms.

Sustainable Agriculture and Stakeholder Benefits

The core mission of Bionema is to deliver organic, yield-boosting, and soil-enriching solutions that promote disease-free plant and crop health. These solutions benefit the environment, farmers, and consumers alike. To achieve these goals, Bionema has developed a suite of products aimed at providing sustainable farming methods and enhancing crop yields both locally and globally.

Support for UN Sustainability Goals

Bionema is a strong advocate of the United Nations’ sustainability and environmental objectives. The company educates stakeholders on sustainable farming techniques, utilizing bio-organic fertilizers, nutrient supplements, and pest-repelling organic solutions. These methods ensure nutrient-rich harvests and a cleaner, healthier environment.

Advanced Biocontrol Solutions

Bionema’s biocontrol solutions include bioinsecticides, pesticides, and other biocontrol products specifically designed for organic farming. The effectiveness of these products has encouraged many stakeholders to move away from harmful chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides.

Bionema’s plant health management solutions involve the use of beneficial nematodes, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms, as well as natural roundworms (nematodes) to control pests. These natural solutions serve as effective and safe alternatives to toxic chemicals.

Product Highlights

Bionema offers eight flagship biocontrol products tailored for pest and disease management across various agricultural and horticultural projects. The company also produces plant based bioinsecticides, known for their low toxicity and high efficacy. Plant extracts high biodegradability ensures it does not accumulate in the environment, aligning with organic certification standards.

Meeting Growing Demand

The global demand for organic food is projected to grow at a rate of 11.60% between 2023 and 2032. With its advanced organic and bio-fertilizers and pesticides, Bionema is well-positioned to lead a sustainable agriculture revolution, fostering healthier farming practices and contributing to a sustainable future.


Bionema’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is paving the way for a new era in agriculture. By offering environmentally friendly solutions that align with global sustainability goals, Bionema is helping to ensure a healthier planet for future generations.

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