Bionema launches NemaTrident pest control product

Bionema Ltd, a leading biotech Swansea University-based company, has received a grant award from Innovate UK to further develop technology that could help combat pests which cost the worldwide economy billions every year.

Bionema launches NemaTrident pest control product

Bionema is a UK based biotechnology company which launched its unique new UK nematode pest control product at the recent Four Oaks Trade Show.

NemaTrident is a unique Tri-Component biological pest control system. This unique product boasts 20-30% more efficiency and up to 95% kill rates for vine weevil in horticultural crops.

Fine-Tuned with Better Efficacy

Developed as a result of the restriction of use of chemical pesticides, Bionema have spent years developing their Integrated Pest Management system which can be fine-tuned to target a wider series of horticultural insect pests. This produces better efficacy than any other biological pest control product currently available.

Tri-Component System

The NemaTrident pest control solution is made up of various species of naturally occurring, beneficial entomopathogenic nematodes within the Heterorhabditis and Steinernema genera. The Tri-Components of the NemaTrident solution are:

1. Nematode
2. Approved Soil Conditioner
3. Training and advice

The NemaTrident Tri-Component system provides protection against a wide range of agricultural and horticultural pests, ultimately increasing yields and improving plant growth.

Unique Package

“Bionema’s unique package is aimed at maximising profits and minimising costs’ says Dr. Minshad Ansari, a leading expert in biocontrol with more than 20 years of biological research experience. “We have field results showing that the product itself is incredibly effective. Through our full training, support and knowledge transfer to operators and professionals we can ensure our clients achieve the best possible results.”

NemaTrident® is available to professional growers in the UK and EU through dedicated distributors and direct through Bionema.

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