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BioTech company releases video showing successful nematode application for vine weevil control in strawberry


BioTech company releases video showing successful nematode application for vine weevil control in strawberry

Bionema Ltd, a leading biopesticide technology developer, has released a new case study video for the control of vine weevil with beneficial nematodes in strawberry.

The video can help and guide soft fruit growers in how to apply the beneficial nematodes (roundworms) for vine weevil control.

Bionema has seen excellent success in recent nematode field trials conducted on the vine weevil infestation at Pennoxstone Court, Kings Caple, Hereford. These eco-friendly and chemical free methods of destroying vine weevil larvae are shaping the biopesticide industry.

We have seen an increase in the success of nematode applications by educating users on correct application techniques” said Dr Minshad Ansari, CEO of Bionema.  Bionema’s pest control products are available through Dejex (, supplier to the horticulture industry.

Dr Ansari added: “Our goal is to see an improvement in nematode efficacy by educating soft fruit growers and nursery producers in the correct application of beneficial nematodes”.

The new three-minute video outlines the benefits of training and good application techniques and it also explains the importance of product quality, storage and correct handling.

Each female vine weevil can lay 200-300 eggs in June, so this treatment involves beneficial nematodes attacking and destroying the larvae of the vine weevil thus preventing further population growth.

Bionema’s NemaTrident® range of beneficial nematode products are safe and non-toxic to users and the environment.  They are targeted towards specific pests and thus avoid harming beneficial insects. This safe and environmentally friendly method has a 90-100% kill rates and is on average 20-30% more effective than other nematode products on the market.

Neil J. Cockburn, Fruit Grower at Pennoxstone Court, comments:

“Split nematode application when applied with Nemaspreader and helpful training from Bionema provided complete vine weevil control in our farm.

Bionema are one of the few organisations that focus on chemical-free methods of crop protection and bio-control. All products developed are natural products, which use fungi, bacteria and nematodes to help reduce the use of chemical pesticides as well as offering an effective treatment for regulating vine weevil larvae as well as other common pests.

To watch the video and learn more about nematode application visit

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