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Protein Hydrolysates

Amirise™ is a unique biostimulant comprising a mixture of amino acids based on bioactive substances derived from protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin using enzyme hydrolysis. The amino acids are building blocks of protein which are abundantly required for crop growth. Amirise™ provides protein to the plant through these essential amino acids that help in improving yield, seen as higher grain weight / better yield of vegetables and fruits. Amirise™ is used as an effective foliar spray and soil application. product.


  • Increases grain and fruit yields because of better protein
  • Promotes enzymatic activities as it contains natural stimulants.
  • Stimulates protein assimilation as it contains amino acids which
    act as building blocks.

How does it work

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and they can be synthesized in ribosomes inside cells making up the leaf system of the plant. However, leaves are also able to take up free amino acids very effectively, and this provides ready- made blocks for protein synthesis, without going through the cycle of amino acid synthesis within the plant. Amirise™ provides essential amino acids to new leaves and shoots through a sustained release of nutrients that increase amino acid availability to the crop and thereby increase crop yield.

Product Info


Soluble Liquid
Granule formulation, GR.
Spray dried powder formulation, SP.


Foliar application:
Amirise™ 20% at 2 ml/litre of water. Amirise™ SP at 1 g/litre of water.
Soil application: Amirise™ GR
at 20 kg/ha.

Recommended crops

Recommended for post-flowering
stages of plants.


1 L, 25 L (Amirise™ 20%)
25 kg (Amirise™SP and Amirise™ GR)

Product Label

Active Ingredients

Amirise™ is extracted from vegetative sources by enzyme hydrolysis at an ambient process temperature. As such bioactive substances are not denatured. Amirise™ is not derived from animal origin. It is derived from soy using an enzymatic process. Acid or alkali hydrolysis and high temperatures / thermal pressure are not used for Aminocid® formulation and therefore Amirise™ is a natural and safe protein supplement for plants.

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