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Insect pest monitoring device

AutoMont™ is designed for remote monitoring and mass capturing of insect populations for agriculture and public health insects. This approach will provide a quantitative reduction of the populations over time. IPM relies on insect pest monitoring to support the decision of reducing a given level of infestation and to select the adequate control method. The classic monitoring approach of insect pests is based on placing in single infested areas a series of traps that are checked by human operators on a temporal basis. This strategy requires high labor cost and provides poor spatial and temporal resolution achievable by single operators. The adoption of image sensors to monitor insect pests can result in several practical advantages. The purpose of this is to summarise the progress made on automatic traps with a particular focus on camera-equipped traps. The use of software and image recognition algorithms can support automatic trap usage to identify and/or count insect species. Considering the high image resolution achievable and the opportunity to exploit data transfer systems through wireless technology, it is possible to have remote control of insect captures, limiting field visits. The availability of real-time and on- line pest monitoring systems from a distant location opens the opportunity for measuring insect population dynamics constantly and simultaneously in a large number of traps with a limited human labor requirement. Limits and benefits resulting from this device will be examined with a perspective for the future automated insect pest monitoring and management.

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