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Acetyl Thiazolidine Carboxylic Acid

Grostimula™ATCA is a unique biostimulant for enhancing yield parameters. It enables plants to address abiotic stress factors (high/low temperature, high/low humidity, soil salinity/alkalinity/acidity). Grostimula™ATCA is used as an effective foliar application product.


  • Improves stress tolerance to abiotic stress.
  • Facilitates better starch / protein formation in the final produce.
  • Increases size of the fruit and grain weight.

How does it work

Grostimula™ATCA triggers plants to synthesise their own amino acids and hormones that are essential for normal functioning and plant growth. It corrects the hormonal imbalance in plants during active growing, flowering and fruit setting periods. It helps the plant combat biotic and abiotic stresses.

Product Info


Grostimula™ATCA is available in Soluble Liquid – SL.


Foliar application: 1 ml/litre of water.

Recommended crops

Recommended use for post-flowering stages of crop.


1 L, 5 L, and 10 L.

Product Label

Active Ingredients

The major active ingredient of Grostimula™ATCA is N-Acetyl thiazolidine carboxylic acid (N-ATCA) 5 %, formulated as a soluble liquid formulation. Grostimula™ATCA is a unique formulation based on water as a carrier, thus no fossil fuel-based carrier solvent is used in the formulation. Therefore, not only is the active biological and non-toxic, the carrier in the formulation is also non-toxic and ecological.

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