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Calcium Peroxide

O-Stimula™ is based on a calcium peroxide complex with adjuvants and safeners. It enables sustained release of oxygen during the cropping cycle, as well as a continuous supply of calcium, which is an integral element of plant cells. O-Stimula™ also aids in root respiration, which is essential for water and nutrient absorption during photosynthesis. Sustained release of oxygen also encourages the survival of plant friendly microflora and fauna while preventing harmful anaerobic microbes to proliferate and harm the plant.
O-Stimula™ is approved for use in organic agriculture.


  • Provides a long-term oxygen reservoir, releasing oxygen
    sustainably during the cropping cycle.
  • Provides calcium which is necessary for plant growth.
  • Stops anaerobes from proliferating and causing diseases.
  • Enhances microbial metabolism to remediate pollutants.
  • Aids in adjusting soil pH value and acts as a buffer.
  • Can be used as an effective component in Integrated Nutrient
    Management programs.

How does it work

O-Stimula™, when applied to soil and on coming in contact with water, will immediately begin to decompose and release oxygen. Calcium peroxide is composed of oxygen held in a tight bond with calcium. The breakdown is as follows: CaO₂¹, Ca ², O while H₂O₂ decomposes into 1, H₂O and 1, O. (nascent oxygen) The released oxygen aids in root respiration and calcium ions help in strengthening the crop. 

Product Info


Powder formulation.


125 g/ha.

Recommended crops

Recommended use for seed dressing and for nursery drench.


1 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg

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Active Ingredients

The major active ingredient of O-Stimula™ is calcium peroxide, which comprises oxygen held in a tight bond with calcium, both of which are indispensable when growing high-performance crops. Calcium is an important plant cell wall constituent, and naturally supplementing this integral element makes the plant sturdy and less susceptible to pest and disease attack. Similarly, oxygen plays a vital role in photosynthesis, and the unique composition of the product helps in a slow and consistent release of oxygen to the root zone. In the presence of sufficient oxygen (aerobic conditions), and other nutrient elements, microorganisms will ultimately convert many organic constituents to carbon dioxide, water, and microbial cell mass.

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