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Rhizophagus Irregularis BNL2414

Rhizosafe® is a biofertiliser based on a selected strain of the naturally occurring beneficial fungus Rhizophagus irregularis BNL2414. Rhizophagus irregularis is an endomycorrhizal fungus which colonises and forms symbiotic relationships with plant roots. It is used as an effective soil inoculant product.


  • Rhizosafe® increases the absorption area of plant roots by almost 50x,
    thus aiding in efficient nutrient and water absorption.
  • Increased Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and micronutrient
  • Increased root biomass.
  • Improved drought resistance.
  • Faster plant establishment.
  • Improved soil structure.
  • Higher stress tolerance.
  • Resists plant pathogenic nematodes.
  • Rhizosafe® can be used as an effective component in Integrated
    Nutrient Management (INM) programmes, thereby leading to a
    reduction in use of chemical fertilisers and creating a safer

How does it work

The growing roots of plants emit root exudates as they push through the soil substrate. This gives the fungi the signal to colonise the roots and establish symbiosis. The mycorrhiza penetrates the root cortex by
forming nutrient exchange structures such as arbuscules within the root cells. Once roots are colonised, the process is self-sustainable, and the fungus grows inside plant roots producing spores and mycelia. The presence of mycorrhiza affects the composition of microbes in the rhizosphere. Some of these microbes, in association with Rhizosafe® have a plant growth promoting (PGPR) effect on plant health.

Product Info


250 g/ha.

Recommended crops

Recommended for all crops as soil application and seed dressing.


1 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg.

Product Label

Active Ingredients

The major active ingredient is conidiospores of Rhizophagus irregularis BNL2414.


Rhizosafe® is a biofertiliser based on a selected strain of the naturally occurring beneficial
fungus Rhizophagus irregularis BNL2414.

Rhizophagus irregularis is a species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi that form mutualistic
symbiotic relationships with plant roots. Through this symbiosis, Rhizosafe® treatment offers
several benefits:

faster root establishment, enhanced nutrient uptake, improved plant
growth, increased resistance to stress, enhanced soil structure, reduced reliance on
fertilisers, positive effects on soil microbial communities, and enhanced plant tolerance to variations in soil pH.

Rhizosafe® enhances faster root establishment and nutrient uptake by the plant, particularly
phosphorus, and improves water absorption. It contributes to the overall health and growth
of the plant by increasing resistance to various stresses.

Rhizosafe® can benefit a wide range of crops, including but not limited to fruits, vegetables,
grains, legumes, turf and ornamental plants. Its effectiveness extends across various
agricultural and horticultural settings, making it suitable for enhancing the growth and health
of diverse crop species.

Rhizosafe® is not practical in colonising Brassicaceae and coniferous family. It may not
colonise the roots in high-phosphorous soil conditions.

Rhizosafe® is typically applied to agricultural crops through various methods such as seed
coating, soil incorporation, or irrigation application. Seed coating involves treating seeds with
Rhizosafe® before planting, ensuring direct contact between the active ingredient and
emerging roots. Soil incorporation involves mixing Rhizosafe® with soil during land
preparation, ensuring even distribution throughout the root zone. Irrigation application
involves diluting Rhizosafe® with water and applying it to the soil around plant roots through
irrigation systems. Each application method aims to establish symbiotic relationships
between Rhizosafe® and plant roots, maximising crop growth and development benefits.

Yes, the mycorrhizal network created by Rhizosafe® can enhance soil structure, leading to
improved water retention, aeration and root penetration. This ultimately leads to healthier
and more productive soil for plant growth.

Yes, Rhizosafe® can work synergistically with fertilisers. While the fungus improves nutrient
uptake, applying appropriate fertilisers can supplement additional nutrients, optimising plant
growth. Rhizosafe® is compatible with Biofertilisers and Biopesticides but might not be
compatible with other agrochemicals (which may be toxic to the beneficial fungi).

Rhizosafe® thrives in well-drained soils with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Adequate moisture levels and a healthy plant root system contribute to its successful establishment.
While Rhizosafe® itself does not provide direct disease resistance, the improved overall health of plants through enhanced nutrient uptake and stress tolerance can indirectly contribute to disease resistance.

Challenges may include variations in effectiveness depending on soil conditions, plant
species, and management practices. Additionally, the use of fungicides may negatively
impact mycorrhizal colonisation.

While Rhizosafe® is designed for application in the agricultural sector, it’s crucial to keep pets
and children away from treated areas until the product has been absorbed or dried to
prevent accidental ingestion or contact.

The timeframe for visible results may vary based on factors such as grass type, environmental
conditions, and application methods. In most cases, you can anticipate improvements within
6-8 weeks.

Rhizosafe ® is compatible with organic farming prac.ces, as it contains natural ingredients
and beneficial microbes in line with organic farming principles. For further details, please
reach out to our technical team.

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