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RootVita™SP is a natural product that nourishes and imparts vigour to crop root systems. RootVita™ comprises Biofertilisers, PGPR, Nutrients, Prebiotics and Vitamins.


  • Biological nitrogen fixation.
  • Phosphorus solubilization.
  • Potash mobilization.
  • Silica solubilization.
  • Micronutrient assimilation.
  • Soil health improvement.
  • Organic carbon improvement.
  • Feeding roots proliferation.
  • Disease suppression.

How does it work

Beneficial microbes and natural biostimulants contained in Rootgro™ act as bioprimers that help in:

  • Deep proliferation of roots.
  • Robust vegetative growth.
  • Disease suppression.
  • Drought tolerance.
  • Biofertilisers
  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria help fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil.
  • Phosphorus-solubilising bacteria help better solubilization of fixed Phosphorus.
  • Potassium-mobilising bacteria – Potash is an expensive element and usually gets leached out. The bacteria mobilize Potassium and make this available to the plant.

Product Info


Soluble powder, SP.Bentonite impregnated granule, GR. Soluble Liquid, SL.


Mix 1.5 g/L of water and dip seedling / planting material in the solution such that it gets coated completely with the solution before transplanting to main field.

Recommended crops

Recommended for all crops.


250 grams / 500 grams

Product Label

Active Ingredients


  1. BioNFix™-PA (N-fixing bacteria – Paenibacillus azotofixans BNL1913)
  2. Phsol™ (P-solubilising bacteria – Bacillus megaterium BNL902)
  3. Potasmob™ (K-mobilising bacteria – Bacillus mucilaginosus BNL903)


  1. Silisol™ (Silica-solubilising bacteria – Bacillus mycoides BNL904)
  2. Root-enhancing bacteria – Bacillus spp. BNL910
  3. Biomass decomposing fungus – Trichoderma spp. BNL2910


  1. Organic carbon
  2. Seaweed fermentation derivatives
  3. Protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin from enzyme hydrolysis


  1. Ascorbic acid
  2. Thiamine


RootVita is a natural bio-product enriched with beneficial soil microbes, biofertilizers, PGPR, nutrients, and vitamins. It’s meticulously designed to enhance crop root systems, promote eco-friendly farming practices, restore soil health, and significantly boost crop yields.
RootVita® treatments empower plants to withstand environmental stresses, trigger antioxidant development, and foster ongoing growth, especially during challenging periods.
Typically, the best time for turf application falls between March and October when the soil temperature exceeds 10ºC. This period stimulates robust growth as summer approaches. Additionally, autumn feeding benefits warm-season turf by increasing density and aiding winter survival. For golf course greens, light feeding year-round can help combat diseases and facilitate recovery.
For soil drenching or laying grass sod, the recommended application rate is 250-500g per hectare. Apply RootVita® twice a year: prior to spring growth initiation and following autumn leaf fall. It’s crucial to wait for seven days after applying RootVita® before using any pesticides on the soil.
Yes, RootVita can be effectively combined with synthetic fertilizers. Please get in touch with our technical team for more detailed information and guidance.
Absolutely! RootVita® can be sprayed at any time. The organic carbon content in the product primes microbes, enhancing their germination and survival.
RootVita® enhances nutrient use efficiency by physically increasing root size, stimulating nitrogen assimilation, and facilitating the uptake of foliar-applied nitrogen-based products. It comprises various beneficial microorganisms and nutrients that restore the soil’s natural nutrient cycle.
We do not recommend mixing chemical fungicides with RootVita®. For more information and guidance, please consult our technical team.
RootVita® primarily conditions grass to withstand environmental stresses and should be used alongside proper mineral fertilization practices.
Yes, iron can be applied alongside RootVita®, especially during stressful periods when it can benefit grass growth.
The timeframe for visible results may vary based on factors such as grass type, environmental conditions, and application methods. In most cases, you can anticipate improvements within 6-8 weeks.
Yes, RootVita® is compatible with organic farming practices, as it contains natural ingredients and beneficial microbes in line with organic farming principles. For further details, please reach out to our technical team.
While RootVita® is designed for turfgrass application, it’s crucial to keep pets and children away from treated areas until the product has been absorbed or dried to prevent accidental ingestion or contact.
RootVita can be applied with biocompatible adjuvants. For technical information, please contact our technical team.

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