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Bionema’s Stiko-T™ customised sticky traps are designed to capture a range of insect pests of fruits, flowers, vegetables, plantations, ornamentals in agriculture, food processing, storage, distribution facilities, and public health. These colour-optimised sticky traps are made with the highest quality materials, they are non-toxic, easy to use, and deliver effective results. If you need help choosing the right coloured traps to attract and contain your target pests, just get in touch with our experts and we’ll be happy to help.

All traps are available in standard sizes 10 cm x 25 cm, 20 cm x 25 cm or 40 cm x 25cm, and customized sizes are also available on request – get in touch to find out more.

Bionema’s Stiko-T-Yellow™ customised sticky trap


Yellow traps attract aphids, whitefly, thrips, fruit flies, fungus gnats and leaf miner moths.

Bionema’s Stiko-T-BLUE™ customised sticky trap


Blue traps attract western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis, other thrips species and capsid bugs.

Bionema’s Stiko-T-RED™ customised sticky trap


Red traps attract spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), leaf hopper species and gall midges.

Stiko roll black trap


Black traps attract the South American tomato moth, Tutaabsoluta. For mass trapping use one trap per 100m² and combine the traps with pheromone lures.

Bionema’s Stiko-T™ customised sticky traps

Stiko-T-Pale Blue™

Pale blue traps attract some thrips species (for western flower thrips use Stick-T-Blue™).



White traps attract a wide range of insect pests. Stiko-T-White™ is less species-specific than our other traps, and they can become covered in many insects, making them harder to assess for monitoring purposes.

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