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Groundbreaking' live time' field trials prove biopesticides are the future for pest control A 'real time' field trial investigating the leading biological pesticides on the UK market has revealed spectacular results - live in front of the industry's major players. Growers, farmers, advisors and suppliers took part themselves in the trial, run

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Pest control…

Revealed - just which pest control agents really work in the field - and those that don't The most comprehensive field trials on some of the leading bioinsecticide products and biocontrol agents on the market have revealed major differences in performance against large pine weevil in Sitka spruce. In of the most

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Trade mission to Mumbai…

Welsh delegation identifies India as top-priority market at Mumbai meet Harcha Bhaskar, Mumbai A trade delegation from Wales, which is looking at expanding its footprint in India, identified the latter as a top-priority market at a meeting in Mumbai recently. It comprised such companies as Bionema, Pero Foods, Markes International, Compact Orbital

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Swansea business…

Swansea business boss plans to help India boost food production - naturally… Swansea entrepreneur Dr Minshad Ansari is one of a team of Welsh innovators flying out to India this week to promote the principality's world leading industries. Dr Ansari heads award winning biochemical business Bionema and is set to help maximise

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Forest pests trial

Forest pests trial New biochemical pest control trials in Welsh forests Ground-breaking new biochemical control agents which could help cut the cost of pest control in UK forests are being trialled out on the uplands of Wales in one of the most comprehensive scientific studies to date. Swansea University spin-out business, Bionema,

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Life sciences innovation showcase – Cardiff

Life sciences innovation showcase - Cardiff Leading south Wales bio-pesticide company showcases latest in natural food crop protection Swansea University bio-pesticide spin-out business, Bionema, is linking up with 30 other ground breaking businesses to showcase its latest work on maximising yields from food crops using natural pest protection as part of the Wales

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Vine weevil summit

Vine weevil summit Fighting the world's 'number one crop pest' naturally - it's all about attention to detail New biochemical control agents can play a key role in combatting rapidly growing vine weevil populations, which cause more than £40 million damage to UK horticultural industry, as resistance to traditional chemical pesticides increases.

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New research highlights need for careful planning to maximise effectiveness of bio-chemical crop protection

New research highlights need for careful planning to maximise effectiveness of biochemical crop protection The latest research by Swansea University spin-out business, Bionema, a high-tech biochemicals business, has found that crop growers across the UK and beyond could be failing to maximise the potential of natural crop protection. Speaking at the Biopesticides Europe

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