Biological solutions for forestry insect pests

Protecting our planted and natural forests from insect pests and pathogens is vital to the economic development and biodiversity of any country.

Bionema researches and develops specialised biological solutions that address the major pests and diseases impacting forests.

These include citrus longhorn beetle, processionary caterpillars, pine weevils and many more.

Our NemaTrident® Tri-Component system incorporates:

  • The NemaTrident® a specially developed and highly virulent strain of beneficial nematodes
  • The Nemaspreader® specialist soluble compound that helps Bionema’s beneficial nematodes to spread and thrive
  • Certified customer-focused training and advice on how to optimise the effectiveness of biological solutions.

By using Bionema’s unique Tri-Component System, customers benefit from powerful pest control without disrupting beneficial insects or causing any concern about the development of insect resistance, residues, or worker safety. ​

Bionema helps forestry managers to control a variety of insect pests including:

  • Large pine weevil (hyloius abietis)
  • Citrus longhorn (anoplophora chinensis)
  • Spruce bark beetle (ips typographus)

Bionema’s technology can target a wide range of pests – so we can’t list them all. If you can’t see your pest on the list, please contact us and we can check for you.

  • NemaTrident®T
  • NemaTrident®Cold
  • Nemaspreader®
  • Protects your forests from common troublesome pests
  • Effective natural control between 8-30oC
  • Methodical application procedures can target difficult pests
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for trees, users and the environment