Who we are

Bionema is a leading UK biopesticide technology developer.  We create chemical-free, pest management solutions for the horticulture, turf & amenity, landscaping and forestry sectors.

We have more than 30 years’​ experience in research, development and the commercialisation of biopesticides.

The biopesticides we develop are natural products that use microorganisms (fungi, bacteria and nematodes) to protect crops from insect damage – reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and enhancing increased crop yields.

Our products include Bionema’s Unique Tri-Component system, which incorporates the NemaTrident™ nematode products and our newly-launched Nemaspreader™.

The Nemaspreader™ improves nematode dispersal and movement, helping the nematode to find its target host in soil or plant growing media more effectively.

As well as developing our range of biopesticides, Bionema also supports the researchers, developers and manufacturers of biopesticide products with the following:

  • Strain identification, selection and improvement
  • Production, formulation and application
  • Analytical and R&D solutions
  • Quality assessment of biological products
  • Supports registration of biocontrol agents
  • Product efficacy testing
  • Knowledge transfer

Bionema is based at Swansea University, in South Wales. It employs a highly experienced team and has access to well-equipped GEP-accredited laboratories.  Bionema is an Approved Customised Provision LANTRA provider and BASIS Qualified Advisor.