Meet the Team

Bionema has brought together a unique  dedicated team of experts from the academic, commercial and technical sectors, committed to delivering the highest standards of service.

Philip Charlton-Smith - Non-Executive Director - Business Development

Philip Charlton-Smith (Chairman)

Philip Charlton-Smith has worked with companies large and small as Chief Executive Officer.  He has taken companies from virtual start up to revenues of £2.5 million through organic growth and establishing significant distribution operations.

He has been active promoting Industry to government through leading roles within trade associations since 1990. He oversees  sales,  maximising the potential of the company’s product bank.

Dr Minshad Ansari - Managing Director

Dr Minshad Ansari (Managing Director and CTO)

Minshad is founder and Managing Director of Bionema Ltd and has over 20 years in bio-pesticide development with a proven track record of delivering of IPM strategy in agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors. He has more than 70 research publications and is a regular invited speaker at biopesticide conferences. He has extensive experience in strategic R&D planning, operational management, business and technology development. Minshad completed his PhD at Ghent University, Belgium and is a qualified BASIS advisor in Crop Protection (Commercial Horticulture).

He is responsible for strategic and operational management of the company.

Meraj Ansari Syeda

Meraj Syeda (Administrative Director)

Meraj has 15 years’ experience in finance, accounting, business administration and modern business management practice and is responsible for Bionema financial and business development. Meraj’s manages the day to day business of the company and organisational activities.

Scientific Advisors

Professor Paul Dyson - Biotechnology

Professor Paul Dyson

Prof. Dyson has been collaborating with Bionema since 2012, alongside his role as Head of the Applied Molecular Microbiology research team in Swansea University’s College of Medicine.He provides scientific and technical advice on microbial biotechnology. He  has held a number of senior research positions during his career, his expertise covering the exploitation of natural products from soil actinobacteria, focusing on Streptomyces, and the gut symbiotic bacteria of various insects.

Dr. Miranda Walker - Entomology

Dr Miranda Walker

Miranda has been collaborating with Bionema as an R&D advisor since 2012, utilising her 15 years’ experience studying host-pathogen interactions of insect and arthropod species, insect breeding, and the planning and execution of R&D projects. Miranda’s advises  on a wide range of R&D matters, through an extensive knowledge of applied entomology. She has 5 years’ experience studying the exploitation of symbiotic bacteria of insect pests. Miranda’s current research focus with Prof. Paul Dyson is to develop bacteria-mediated strategies to control insect pests.

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