NemaTrident® – home & garden

The following products are available for home and gardens users.

NemaTrident® H 
For biological control of black vine weevil larvae.

NemaTrident® CT 
For biological control of black vine in cold temperature.

NemaTrident® C 
For biological control of chafer grubs

NemaTrident® L 
For biological control of leather jackets, mole crickets and cutworms.

Natural pest control makes even more sense for homeowners and gardeners who now can benefit of Bionema range of NemaTrident® a unique two pack formula to protect pests of the garden and vegetable plants.

NemaTrident® contents a naturally occurring insect parasitic nematode for biological control of vine weevils, pine weevil, chafers, leatherjackets, caterpillars, codling moth larvae- should be applied with Nemaspreader (R) for better performance.

This new pest control product is safe, sustainable and provides from 70-100% kill rates down to 8ºC – making it the most effective and flexible product in the market.

In heated glasshouses and under polytunnels NemaTrident® can be used all year round. After application, the soil surface should be kept moist (not soaking) for about two weeks. It is important to appreciate that the nematodes are living and require a good environment to thrive.