NemaTrident® Tri-Component System

Our NemaTrident® Tri-Component System nematode products incorporate a range of highly virulent insect-parasitic nematodes within the Heterorhabditis and Steinernema genera. These nematodes attack and destroy the larvae of the insect pest thus preventing future pests from developing. They are safe, non-toxic to users and consumers, decompose rapidly and can be targeted at specific pests to avoid harming beneficial insects.

These safe, sustainable products provide 70-100% kill rates.

At Bionema we work with nature by identifying and developing biopesticide products that target specific insect pests including:

  • Vine Weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus)
  • Chafer Grubs (Phyllopertha horticola, Amphimallon solstitialis, Melolontha melolontha, Serica brunnea)
  • Leatherjackets (Tipula paludosa and Toleracea)
  • Mole Crickets (Gryllotalpa gryllotapla)
  • Cutworms (Agrotis species)
  • Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella)
  • Caterpillars (Spodoptera spp., Chrysodeixis chalcites, Mamestra brassicae and Duponchelia fovealis)
  • Shore Fly (Ephydridae)
  • Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis)
  • Leaf Miners (Chromatomyia syngenesiae, Phytomyza vitalbae, Tuta absoluta)
  • Scarids
  • Fruit moth (Cydia molesta)

Bionema’s Tri-Component system is up to 20-30% more effective than other nematode products in the market.

In order to optimise the effectiveness of these nematodes we have incorporated them into the Bionema Tri-Component System which consists of:

  1. The NemaTrident® specially developed, highly virulent strain of beneficial nematodes.
  2. The Nemaspreader® specialist soluble compound that helps Bionema’s beneficial nematodes to spread and thrive.
  3. Specialist training and advice for our customers on how to optimise the effectiveness of the nematodes.

How the NemaTrident® Tri-Component System Works

After application, nematodes actively search for insect larvae in soil or growing media (1). The nematodes penetrate the larvae and release a deadly bacterium (2). The infected larvae die and a new generation of nematodes reproduce inside them (3). The new nematodes emerge from the dead larvae (4) they then search and infect further larvae (1).

The Bionema Approach

By using Bionema’s unique Tri-Component System, customers benefit from powerful pest control without disrupting beneficial insects or causing any concern about development of insect resistance, residues, or worker safety.

  • Compliant with pesticide legislation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Pests don’t develop resistance
  • Natural product with no side effects
  • Leaves no harmful residue
  • Fast delivery as required
  • Safe and easy to apply

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