NemaTrident® for professionals

Turf sport and amenity

With all the benefits of our three-component solution – safe to use, no harmful residues and side effects– our turf and amenity products NemaTrident® C , NemaTrident® CT Plus , NemaTrident® L Spring and NemaTrident® L Autumn are specially developed to protect golf greens, soccer pitches, rugby grounds and all sports and amenity turf.

The most common pests on turf sport and amenity are chafers, crane flies and cutworms. Damage to sports and amenity turf grass by these pests is a major problem, causing severe damage to plant roots.

All these pests can be controlled using nematodes. NemaTrident® C and CT Plus can be used against chafers, and NemaTrident® L against larvae of crane fly cutworms. It is critical that the pest is determined. If you are unsure, simply send the pests to Bionema for identification.

Reducing chafers population levels can quickly and dramatically improve turf quality and performance.

NemaTrident® C 
For control of chafer grubs

NemaTrident® C T Plus
For control of chafer grubs

NemaTrident® L Autumn 
For control of leather jackets