NemaTrident®– Introduction and FAQ’s


What is NemaTrident® Tri-Component solution?

NemaTrident® is the range of environmentally friendly natural nematode products for insect pest control developed byBionema Ltd.

We offer a unique Tri-Component solution to your pest problems including (1) virulent beneficial nematodes, (2) compatible NemaSpreader® wetting agent and (3) specialist training and advice. By following our guidance, our Tri-Component system will be 20-30% more effective than any other nematode-based product on the market.

Our products are safe, non-toxic to users and consumers, will decompose rapidly and can be targeted at specific pests to avoid harming beneficial insects.


What is the NemaTrident® formulation?

NemaTrident® is formulated in a wettable powder and enclosed in a non-water-soluble pack containing 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 million living infective nematodes.


What pests can NemaTrident® control?

NemaTrident® can control many insect pests including black vine weevil, chafer grubs, leatherjackets, wireworms and caterpillars. Check out our range of products to find the right solution for you!


How do NemaTrident® work?

NemaTrident®, containing live beneficial nematodes, actively search for insect larvae in your field/garden soil or growing media.

  1. The nematodes enter into and infect the larva and release deadly bacteria causing the larva to die.
  2. The nematodes and bacteria then feed on the dead larva and reproduce inside.
  3. When the food resources in larva is consumed, young nematodes emerge and begin searching for a new host.
  4. Infection by a single nematode can produce 100,000 to 150,000 young nematodes (depending on the size of insect) which emerge into the soil and search for new pest insects, making it an efficient way to control pests.


How long will NemaTrident® survive after application?

NemaTrident® will get to work straight away and offer visible results within 2-3 weeks. One application will offer control for 3 to 12 months in favourable conditions. For professional growers, we can help you with long-term control for your pests, just contact us!


 When should NemaTrident® be used?

When insect larvae are present in the soil. It will differ for each pest. For example, NemaTrident® should be applied from between April and October for chafer grubs and leatherjackets. For vine weevil, NemaTrident® should be applied from April to May and August to October. Please visit our website to find out more.


Are there any negative effects on the turf?

Not at all. NemaTrident® offers powerful pest control without disrupting beneficial insects or causing adverse effects to turf. NemaTrident® is environmentally friendly and harnesses the power of nature.


Can I apply NemaTrident® when I see my garden damaged by insect pests?

Yes, NemaTrident® can be applied as a curative control when the pest infestation is high. Of course, prevention is always best. Use NemaTrident® when the pest infestation is first noticed to take control and prevent extensive damage to your crops or lawns.


How can I apply NemaTrident®?

NemaTrident® can be applied using all types of spray equipment including tractor mounted/trailed sprayers, knapsack sprayers, micro-irrigation (individual spaghetti tube), drip irrigation, handheld or motorised calibrated irrigation equipment.

  • Dissolve NemaTrident® in water and add to a clean feeder tank. Agitate the solution continuously during application to prevent nematodes from settling. Rinse the feeder tank with clean water following application and inject into the system.
  • We recommend applying NemaTrident® in 500-1000 litres water/ha with all application methods.

Please follow our application advice and precaution:

  • Store at 5 to 10°C to retain killing power. Do not freeze.
  • Remove filters and ensure nozzles have minimum 0.8mm diameter to avoid blockages.
  • Application using pump pressure should not exceed 5 bars.
  • NemaTrident® should not be applied in bright sunlight as nematodes are vulnerable to UV light.
  • Moisten the soil surface at the time of application and if possible, irrigate the field before application.
  • Clean the tank and equipment with clean water before using NemaTrident® to remove any harmful residues.


Is it important to know what type of insects are present?

Yes. Different insect species have different lifecycles which means the susceptible larval stages will vary. Therefore, to maximise nematode efficacy it is useful to note the species present. Contact us for correct insect identification.


Does the timing of application in the day matter?

Yes. Early morning or evening applications will avoid direct sunlight and UV radiation which can lead to desiccation. Ideally, soil temperatures should be above 8oC for at least 3-6 hours in the day for the following two weeks from application. This will ensure nematode survival and persistence in the soil.


How should I store NemaTrident®?

Store NemaTrident® between 5-10oC, ideally in a fridge or cold room soon after receiving it from us. This helps to reduce the metabolic activity of the nematodes while keeping them alive until use.


What temperature should NemaTrident® be applied at?

Our range of products generally work at soil temperatures from 8oC to 30oC, ideal for early spring applications in colder weather and autumn.


How many NemaTrident® applications should I apply?

Two applications are ideal: spring and autumn. Tailoring your application to the type of pest insect damage and degree of infestation is recommended. Our technical team of experts can help design an application action plan, just get in touch!


Should I tank-mix NemaTrident® with a wetting agent?

Yes, NemaSpreader®. NemaTrident® comes with a biocompatible wetting agent as a complete Tri-Component Kit:

  1. A combination of virulent beneficial nematodes in the Heterorhabditis and Steinernema genera.
  2. NemaSpreader®, a compatible wetting agent which helps nematodes to disperse through the growing media and quickly find a host.
  3. Specialist Training & Advice to help you optimise the effectiveness of the nematodes. This includes advice on the storage, handling and application process, when best to apply NemaTrident® in the pest life cycle and how to care for the nematodes following application.


Can I use NemaTrident® if I don’t have an irrigation system in place?

Yes. We recommend timing the application alongside rainfall, or alternatively you can use a water bowser to help spray the nematodes.


How much irrigation water should I use?

Apply 3-6mm of irrigation before and after nematode application where possible. If irrigation is not possible, plan the product application around likely rainfall events or delay mowing until it has rained.


How soon after mowing can I apply NemaTrident?

Immediately. Mowing and aerating the turf before application will help deliver the nematodes closer to the soil and bypass thatch. This will improve nematode efficacy.


How does water quality affect NemaTrident® performance?

The performance of NemaTrident® is not influenced by the water quality. NemaTrident® is applied together with NemaSpreader® to help nematodes move faster across the thatch layer and through the upper soil to find the target pest.


When do I have to use the received product?

NemaTrident® must be purchased and used before the expiry date, as mentioned on the label. While a quicker application upon the arrival of our product is best, ensure you consider appropriate timing guidelines before use. It is highly recommended not to store NemaTrident® for a long period of time and ensure the product is used in its entirety once the packet has been opened.


Can I use NemaTrident® alongside other products?

Yes, but with caution. NemaTrident® is compatible with most chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Only a few insecticides have been found to have negatively affect the nematodes. In these cases, apply NemaTrident® 3 days prior to or 2