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The NemaTrident® range of products utilises a unique multi pack formula providing maximum dispersal into soil or growing media for nematodes, tiny worms which hunt out larvae and kill them. These naturally occurring beneficial and living nematodes, increase pest control through an extended growing season.

These safe, sustainable products provide 90-100% kill rates for vine weevil, chafer grubs, leather jackets, mole crickets, cutworm, codling moth, caterpillars, shore fly, thrips, leaf miners, Scarids and fruit moths and fill the gap in the market caused by the de-listing of many traditional pesticides.

NemaTrident® multi pack formula protects the roots of all herbaceous, flowering, bedding and pot plants, enabling growers to produce their crops and plants free from vine weevil and other soil inhabiting pests, ultimately increasing yields and improving plant growth.

The new products have been developed through the company’s own research and several trials carried out on sites in the UK and proved to outperform the international market leader.