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Bionema secures new patent for novel biocontrol kit

Bionema Ltd, a leading biopesticide technology company, has today been granted a UK patent for a novel pest control kit and method that provides safe and sustainable protection from larval insect pests. The 20th century saw an agricultural revolution, as chemical pesticides were widely used to provide the crop yields necessary to feed a rapidly [...]

EU Biopesticide regulation: Can technology developers survive?

The high cost and lengthy requirements for EU registration are severely limiting the development and commercialisation of BioProtection solutions in Europe – this needs to be addressed urgently. BioProtection (known as biopesticide) solutions present one of the fastest growing sectors in crop protection and pest control, but their development and uptake are being delayed and [...]

Bionema launches BioProtection training courses 

Bionema, a UK based BioProtection (Biopesticide) technology developer, has launched digital, classroom and bespoke training courses to educate end-users, distributors and consultants on the effective use of BioProtection products as an alternative to chemical pest control. BioProtection products are being developed and used across the world to ensure safe and sustainable agricultural. However, many end [...]

Investment in BioProtection to increase organic food production

Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biopesticide technology developer, is working on effective, eco-friendly solutions to reduce the chemical residue on crops and increase organic food production. However, founder and CEO Dr Minshad Ansari is concerned that, although there are many products in development, the limited number of BioProtection products currently registered for use in the [...]

Bionema proves nematode control

Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biopesticide technology developer, has released a step-by-step video guide on how to control leatherjackets by using a beneficial nematode solution. Leatherjackets (larvae of crane fly) cause serious turf damage to golf courses, sport fields, racecourses, and open green spaces through their extensive feeding on roots. The video, showing a nematode […]

Bionema Secures Portugal Distributor

Bionema has appointed Aquamatic Algarve as a distributor of their Nematrident® Range for the Turf and Amenity sector in Portugal Bionema Ltd, UK BioTech company announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Aquamatic Algarve for its NemaTrident® range products. The agreement permits Aquamatic to sell Bionema’s biological NemaTrident® range of products in the […]

5 Minutes with Dr Ansari

5 Minutes With… Dr Minshad A Ansari from Bionema “It is necessary to develop and commercialise bio-based products not only to fill the gap in the market following the removal of toxic pesticides, but also to help the environment and human health.” UK-headquartered Bionema is a leading biopesticide technology developer, specialising in chemical-free, organic crop […]

Bionema secures Innovate UK grant

Bionema Ltd, a leading UK-based biotechnology company, has received a grant from Innovate UK to support the company’s continual development of its bioinsecticide microencapsulation formulation, which delivers an effective alternative to chemical pesticides. This additional £98,000 Continuity Grant complements a initial £1.0 million in funding support from Innovate UK, the national funding agency that investing [...]

A Case Study: Neath Golf Club

A Case Study: Biological control of leatherjackets at Neath Golf Club Set on the hills overlooking the coast of South Wales sits Neath Golf Club. In late-2018, their golf course suffered from an overwhelming infestation of leatherjackets. Dying grass exposed rough soil as badgers tore up the turf for a tasty meal, which meant parts [...]

Leatherjacket Q&A: Summary

Leatherjacket Q&A:  Summary 1st May 2020   MA = Minshad Ansari: Bionema CEO and leading biopesticide technology developer PC = Peter Corbett: Business Development Manager at Rigby Taylor and industry expert MT = Mark Tucker: Head Greenkeeper at Neath Golf Course   Leatherjackets have been a real problem in turf sectors following a mild winter, […]