Our Technology

Nematode technology

NemaTrident®, a Tri-Component solution product, incorporates a range of highly virulent species of insect-parasitic nematodes within the heterorhabditis and steinernema genera. These nematodes attack and destroy the larvae of the insect pest – preventing future pests from developing. They are safe, non-toxic to users and consumers, decompose rapidly and can be targeted at specific pests to avoid harming beneficial insects. 

To optimise the effectiveness of these nematodes we have incorporated them into the Bionema Tri-Component solution which consists of:

  • The NemaTrident® specially developed, highly virulent strain of beneficial nematodes 
  • The Nemaspreader®a biocompatible wetting agent that helps Bionema’s beneficial nematodes to spread and thrive 
  • Specialist customer-focused, trainingand advice on how to optimise the effectiveness of the nematodes.


Benefits of Our Technology

We have developed an eco-friendly, non-toxic biocontrol solution, which can be used to increase productivity within the agricultural, horticultural, amenity/sports turf and forestry sectors. The technology associated with this product is both unique and cost-effective; moreover, it is simple and user-friendly.  

  • Our technology does not use any chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and it has no harmful effects on beneficial insect species 
  • Our nematodes are obligate parasitic, which means they will not harm other beneficial insects – unlike some other methods of control
  • Non-toxic to workers, users, and consumers, making them safe for use in any environment 
  • Can be applied in isolation or as part of an Integrated Pest Management programme 
  • Residue free  
  • No insect resistance issue 
  • Safer environmental footprint.