NemaTrident®CT Plus (Chafer)

For biological control of chafer grubs in amenity/sports turf

NemaTrident®CT Plus is a highly effective chafer grub control specialised for temperatures as low as 8oC that uses naturally occurring nematodes to target chafer larvae and pupae.

Used as part of our unique Tri-Component System, NemaTrident®CT Plus provides 80-90%kill rate – making it the most effective and flexible nematode product in the market.

NemaTrident®CT Plus contains the entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) (heterorhabditis bacteriophora and steinernema feltiae). EPNs exhibit highly virulent traits that ensure fast and effective control of their target pest. We have identified the most effective nematode combination to kill vine weevil larvae in cool temperatures to provide you with the best control.

NemaTrident®CT Plus application alongside Nemaspreader® – our biocompatible wetting agent – will help facilitate nematode dispersal through the soil or growing media, to effectively find and kill the weevil larvae.

Our specialist advice offers key guidance on how to store the nematodes, suggested effective application methods to get the nematode direct to your target pest and when best to apply the nematodes at the most vulnerable stage of the pest lifecycle.

This product can also be effective against the following pests:


  • Welsh chafer (hoplia philanthus)
  • Summer chafer (amphimallon solstitiale)
  • Garden chafer (phylloperta horticola)
  • Cockchafer/maybug (melolontha melolontha)


Available for use in for different treatment areas:

  • 50 million (100sqm)
  • 250 million (500sqm)
  • 500 million (1000sqm)

Once the nematodes have been applied into the soil, they start to kill the target larvae following a natural four-stage process:

  1. Nematodes actively search for the insect larvae and penetrate via natural openings
  2. Once inside, they infect the larvae by releasing a deadly bacterium which quickly multiplies and kills the larvae
  3. Next, the nematodes feed and reproduce inside the dead insect larvae. Populations can reach up to 100,000 over a few days
  4. Finally, a new generation will emerge from the dead larvae and search for new insect larvae – repeating the cycle.

Over time, populations of these beneficial nematodes will build up in the soil offering natural protection.

We have optimised this process by developing a unique Tri-Component Solution which is 20-30% more effective than other nematode products in the market:

  1. NemaTrident® CT Plus specially developed, highly virulent strain of beneficial nematodes
  2. Nemaspreader® biocompatible wetting agent which helps the nematodes disperse in the soil reaching their target
  3. Specialist customer-focused training and advice on how to optimise the effectiveness of the nematodes.

Key Advice

  • Do it direct Apply directly to the soil or growing media. If applied over foliage, irrigate to wash the nematodes into the soil
  • Time it right Apply the nematodes when the chafer grubs are at their most vulnerable; this depends on the species. Contact us for identification if needed
  • Check the weather Apply when soil temperatures are above 8 oC for at least three to six hours per day, for the following two weeks

Application Precautions

  • Keep your cool Store nematodes at 5-10 oC up until use. Use within eight to 10 weeks of arrival
  • Nice and moist Irrigate the soil or growing media before the nematodes are applied
  • Mix it up Nematodes should be applied with at least 500-1000 litres of water/ha alongside Nemaspreader®
  • Do the splits Our recommended split-application approach – two applications one week apart – will reduce the amount of nematodes needed, while achieving greater results.

Key Features

  • Effective control at temperatures as low as 8oC
  • Greater protection from chafer damage
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly approach to pest control