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Our Biofertiliser collection includes unique microorganisms that can be used for seed dressing, soil amendment and foliar application. We have a wide range of microbes that aid in Nitrogen fixation, Phosphorus solubilisation, Potassium mobilisation, Silica solubilisation, Iron mobilisation, Zinc mobilisation, Sulphur mobilisation, Manganese mobilisation and Mycorrhiza.


GAIASOL+ is an innovative microbial preparation that combines two species of different microorganisms. This formulation can be used as is or as an agronomic additive for enriching fertilisers or conditioners.

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens increases the bioavailability of Phosphate (P) in the soil and forms a biofilm on roots, thereby increasingexchanges between the rhizosphere and the soil and this biofilm accompanies the root into the depths of the soil.

Trichoderma harzianum participates in the degradation of the organic elements NPK in the superficial layer of the soil, making them free and thus more quickly available to the plant during the initial growth phases when nutrient needs are high.



  1. Guaranteed implantation of microorganisms in the rhizosphere
  2. Optimization of root and leaf growth
  3. Better resistance to episodes of abiotic stress