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Biopesticides are a natural, environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical pesticides. They are created from highly virulent strains of naturally-occurring microorganisms found in plants, fungi, bacteria and minerals.

Four types of biopesticides

1.  Macrobials contains invertebrate predators and parasites such as ladybirds, wasps, dragonflies and insect-parasitic nematodes.

2.  Microbials are organisms found naturally in the soil or elsewhere in nature (bacteria, fungi, viruses or other pathogens). Although each microbe is particular for its target pest[s], microbial pesticides can control a wide range of pests.

3.  Semiochemicals are naturally occurring compounds that use non-toxic ways to control pests. They include insect sex pheromones and other scented plant extracts that attract insect pests to traps, or interfere with mating.

4.  Natural biochemical products are botanicals and other natural substances derived from nature.

The benefits of biopesticides

  • Very effective at controlling pests and diseases that attack plants and crops of all kinds
  • Can be designed to only target specific pests so they do not harm other beneficial insects and wildlife
  • Safe to human health and the environment
  • Non-toxic to workers, users, consumers
  • Residue free – for traditional and organic farming
  • Pests do not develop resistance
  • Zero harvesting intervals
  • Easy to apply using conventional equipment spraying equipment
  • Compatible with other control methods and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes.

As well as working to provide new and more effective biopesticides, Bionema is highly active in helping end-users identify the right biopesticides for their needs, and learn to apply them properly for optimal effects. For more information, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

Application advice

Bionema can help you to choose the most appropriate biopesticide solution(s) to meet your needs, customised to your environment and targeted to control your problematic pests as part of an organic solution. 

A range of biocontrol products are commercially available, but it is important to choose the right solution for every situation. When used correctly, biopesticides offer an effective and sustainable alternative to toxic chemicals. They are safe, non-toxic to users and consumers, decompose naturally and can be targeted at specific pests to avoid harming beneficial insects.

Developing new products

At Bionema, we work with nature by identifying and developing biopesticide products that target specific insect pests in agriculture, horticulture, amenity/sports turf, forestry and for public health. We have extensive experience in developing new biopesticides. If you would like our support in helping you to develop or test a new biopesticide, we’d be delighted to collaborate with you on your project.