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NutriStimula®Turf uses advanced micronutrient technology to deliver readily-available nutrients to roots for rapid uptake–helping you kickstart turf recovery following stress, drought and damage.

This powerful biostimulant is a strong antioxidant, helping strengthen plant health and protect against turf pathogens.


NutriStimula®Turf is an innovative and powerful antioxidant and works effectively to boost the plant’s immune system. It is made up of specialty nutrients in bio-active metabolic form which are readily available for plant cells. It also helps plants recover from micronutrient deficiency and helps in root and shoot formation.

Active ingredients: Sieved L-methyl folate calcium, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, manganese sulphate, copper sulphate and boric acid.

Available in various sizes for different treatment areas:

  • 100g(4000sqm)

NutriStimula®Turf helps develop a strong immunity and defence system within the plant, which helps it naturally fight against disease.

Key Advice

Air it out Aerate the surface before application to ensure the micronutrients penetrate through to the roots easier

As a combo NutriStimula®Turfc an be combined with Nemaspreader® for increased soil penetration and improved plant growth

Triple it To maximise recovery speed, do three applications at five to seven day intervals.

Application Precautions

Compatible NutriStimula®Turf is compatible with beneficial microorganisms and entomopathogenic nematode products

Give it a stir Mix the powder with water at a rate of 500g with 500L water per hectare.

Key Features

  • Fast-action turf rejuvenator
  • Strong antioxidant with micronutrients
  • Provides immunity development in plants against pathogens
  • Safe for beneficial insects and soil microorganisms