Efficacy booster

An efficacy booster will help nematodes to manoeuvre around the soil in search of a target pest. Quicker delivery and a wider dispersal of nematodes through the soil will increase the interaction rate between the nematodes and target pests, thereby boosting nematode efficacy.

Nemaspreader® contains surfactants and soil penetrants, which help enhance uniform soil moisture by breaking the surface tension of water, leaving a film of water penetrating deeper through the soil. Used alongside our NemaTrident® range, Nemaspreader® will ensure the effective distribution and persistence of beneficial nematodes through the soil profile, boosting the efficacy for insect pest control.

Nemaspreader® can also be used alongside our NutriStimula® biostimulant range to deliver micronutrients through the soil profile and ensure rapid delivery to plant roots.