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Efficacy booster

The use of biopesticides in high value crops has increased in recent decades, driven by consumer demands for reduced use of chemical pesticides and growers’ need for new methods of action to control pests and disease. One obstacle to implementing biological products, particularly live microorganisms, is the poor or inconsistent efficacy relative to conventional pesticides.

Bionema has developed and tested range of biocompatible additives that can be used within formulations to increase the efficacy of current and future formulationsof biopesticides including beneficial nematodes which has been used to control various insect pests in different cropping systems.

Bionema’s field trial results demonstrate the performance enhancement of biopesticides with tank-side adjuvants- contains surfactants and soil penetrants, which help enhance uniform soil moisture by breaking the surface tension of water, leaving a film of water penetrating deeper through the soil. Efficacy booster will ensure the effective distribution and persistence of beneficial nematodes through the soil profile, boosting the efficacy for insect pest control.