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Advanced polymer and surfactant technology – a wetting agent

Nemaspreader® is a biocompatible wetting agent designed to ensure effective distribution and survival of beneficial insect parasitic nematodes.

Nematodes need a film of water to move and find host insects in the soil or on plant surfaces.

Dry soils are one of the major limiting factors that effect nematode movement. Bionema addresses this challenge with the Nemaspreader® solution – an innovative wetter and spreader, which is ideal for tank mixing.

Nemaspreader® wetting agent contains surfactants and soil penetrants which help enhance uniform soil moisture. Retention of soil moisture is key to ensuring the effective distribution and persistence of beneficial entomopathogenic nematodes in the soil profile.

When used as directed, Nemaspreader® is safe to beneficial microorganisms, turf and crops. It is easy to apply through standard spray application equipment and is suitable for use on a wide range of landscapes: golf courses, sports surfaces, landscaped areas – and on soft fruits, ornamentals and forestry.

Nemaspreader® can also be applied alongside our NutriStimula® range of biostimulants, which can help turf and soil rapidly recover from stress and drought.

Available in different sizes to suit treatment areas:

  • 1 Litre (1000sqm)
  • 10 Litres (10000sqm)

Nemaspreader® uses advanced polymer and surfactant technology to break the surface tension of water – making water dispersal easier. This allows the water to penetrate deeper into the soil and retain the water within the soil profile. When used alongside nematodes, this has two key effects:

  • Holds a film of water which facilitates nematode dispersal deeper into the soil increasing the rate of contact with target pest larvae, resulting in greater efficacy.
  • Water penetrating deeper and further into the soil will help mobilise water and mineral uptake for healthier turf and plants.

Key Advice

  • Air it out Aerate the surface before application to ensure the wetting agent is retained in the soil
  • As a combo Nemaspreader® can be combined with many soil treatments for pest control and improved plant growth
  • Application rate Apply 10L of Nemaspreader in 700-900L of water per hectare with or without nematodes.

 Application Precautions

  • Compatible Nemaspreader® is biocompatible; it can be used alongside beneficial entomopathogenic nematodes
  • Dilute it Use at a rate of approximately 1 litre Nemaspreader® per 100 litres of water.

Key Features

  • Increases nematode efficacy by 20-30%
  • Provides uniform soil moisture
  • Promotes healthy turf and crops