Vector Control

Reduce insect transmitting human diseases with natural solutions

Bionema’s new line of microbial solutions for vector management are eco-friendly, effective, and significantly reduce the use of pesticides in public health.

Bionema is offering its broad expertise and capabilities in deploying a customized approach for the control of insects transmitting human disease such as mosquitoes, sandflies, biting midges, black flies and other insects – a concern to tourism, business, culture and adventure, on the global map.

  • Mosquito-borne diseases, which include the Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria, are widespread across the world.
  • Blood-sucking biting midges also raise concerns about possible involvement in the transmission of human disease.
  • Sandflies, besides being a biting nuisance, are implicated in the transmission of protozoan Leishmania parasites to various vertebrate host species and human.
  • Ticks: Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can be spread to humans by infected ticks growing global threat.
Bionema offers an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach

Bionema’s public health solutions employ natural approaches that can help in keeping all types of environments free of disease-carrying pests. We design customized insect management solutions that are suited to each individual customer’s requirements.

Our expert team employs natural methods for controlling mosquitoes and other biting insects, such as ecological management, monitoring traps, pheromones, bacterial and fungal bioprotectants, using a tailored approach to suit the environment in question.

Why use Bionema’s natural solution instead of pesticides?
Bionema solution Conventional pesticides
Natural / Organic Toxic chemicals
Residue free High residues can remain in foods and in the environment
Safer for the environment Risk of water, soil and air pollution
Safer for people Pesticide exposure has linked human diseases such as cancers, neurological and respiratory conditions, infertility and birth defects
Safer for animals Risk of exposure to livestock and wildlife (including beneficial insects, such as pollinators)
No insect resistance High risk of resistance developing to active ingredients

Vector Control Products

Bionema offers bioinsecticides for both larval and adult mosquito, midges, sandflies, ticks as part of IPM, effectively reducing populations for sustainable environment.

AutoMont™ Bionema offers AutoMont™ for remote monitoring and mass capturing of insect populations
BioTrap™ For capturing a range of insect pests of fruits, flowers, vegetables, plantations, ornamentals etc.
VectoTrap™ For mass trapping of mosquitoes (Anopheles, Aedes and Culex spp.), Sandflies (Phlebotomus spp.), Biting midges (Culicoides spp.), and Houseflies (Musca spp.)
VectoAttra™ Attractants of mosquitoes (Anopheles, Aedes and Culex spp.), Sandflies (Phlebotomus spp.), Biting midge (Culicoides spp.)
BioLar™ First commercially available bioinsecticide for control of larvae and pupae of mosquitoes, midges, and sandflies, before they grow into adults.
BioAdut™ First commercially available bioinsecticide to kill adult mosquitoes, midges, sandflies.