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Quality Assessment

Quality assessment services improve the effectiveness and credibility of biopesticide and biological products.  Manufacturers and distributors have found our independent ‘QA’ seal of approval increases product credibility among users.

Bionema – Third-party certified
The Bionema QA service is the EU’s only third-party assessment for biopesticide products, ensuring the highest quality for farmers and growers delivered by industry experts.

Bionema – QA Seal of Approval
Driving sales – independent certified products are the best value for money, increasing yield and providing 20% higher productivity.

Ask our experts how we can help increase quality, efficacy and customer satisfaction.

When you see our ‘Seal of Approval’ logo on a biopesticide and biocontrol products, you have the reassurance the product has undergone stringent scientific quality testing.

Our tests are carried out by an independent GEP facility to strict protocols created by biological experts for our unique Seal of Approval which guarantees quality for users.

Products categories which currently hold the Bionema ‘Seal of Approval’ include:

  • Bioinsecticides
  • Biofungicides
  • Bionematicides
  • Biocontrol agents (entomopathogenic nematodes, predators, parasitoids and mites)

To discuss your specific requirements please telephone us on 01792 606916 or email to info@bionema.com