What are biopesticides?

Biopesticides are the natural, environmentally friendly alternative to toxic chemical pesticides. They are created from highly virulent strains of naturally occurring microorganisms found in plants, fungi, bacteria and minerals.

Developing unique biopesticides

At Bionema, we develop innovative biocontrol products based on highly virulent strains of natural occurring micro-organism to customer requirements.

With unrivalled specialist expertise in microbial control agents (fungi and bacteria), biocontrol agents (entomopathogenic nematodes, predators, parasitoids and mites), Semio- chemicals (pheromones) and botanicals (plant derived compounds) – our aim is to make your project a success.

Through the subculturing method, we can quickly eliminate natural agents those are unstable, less virulence and produce fewer spores. Using these techniques, we have screen more than 500 natural microorganisms. Resulted numerous potential candidate performs commercial value against insects and mites.

Our research aims to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly products and strategies for the control of arthropod pests of global importance. We focus on entomopathogenic fungi (Metarhizium, Beauveria, Isria (=Paecilomyces), nematodes (Heterorhabditis, Steinernema species), botanicals and semiochemicals for pest control.  Nematode with fungi or low dose of chemicals are to create synergy in integrated pest management strategy.

With 35 years combined experience developing and testing natural, microbial control agents for crop pest control and reducing toxic chemical pesticide residues in food, Bionema provides a significant contribution to global food safety and security.

Pre-commercialisation services

Biopesticide trials, development and implementation, consultancy, analytical and R&D solutions, glasshouse testing and field trials aim to increase the efficiency of biopesticide application and guarantee product quality.

Bionema expertise in biopesticide help to meet customers’ needs and possess enhanced performance features, such as effectiveness, shelf life and compatibility with other integrated pest management components and ease of use.

To discuss your specific requirements please telephone us on 01792 606916 or email to info@bionema.com

Research, development and commercialisation

Focused on Nature

Research, development and commercialisation
Research, development and commercialisation

Our unique expertise offers:

  • Strain identification and selection
  • Product development and improvement
  • Production, formulation and applications of microorganisms and biological agents
  • Quality assessment

Our products are based on research of chemical free, organic crop protection to control insects and mites

Research, development and commercialisation
Research, development and commercialisation