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Biological Solutions for Sports Turf and Domestic Lawns

Today’s sports turf and golf course managers, as well as professional landscape gardeners, are under increasing pressure to deliver high-quality surfaces on a tight budget – using environmentally-friendly solutions.

A pest infestation can be very costly and can ruin all the hard work put into preparing a turf surface to make it fit for purpose. Bionema understands the pest-control challenges sports turf managers and landscapers can face – and offers a tried and tested chemical-free solution.

Working directly with the sports turf industry since 2012, we have developed a range of natural solutions that protect, control, and recover sports turf from pest infestations.

Bionema helps sports turf managers and landscapers control a variety of insect pests including:

  • Leatherjacket (tipula paludosa/t.oleracea)
  • Welsh chafer (hoplia philanthus)
  • Garden chafer (phyllopertha horticola)
  • Cockchafer/maybug (melolontha melolontha)
  • Summer chafer (amphimallon solstiale)
  • Brown chafer (serica brunnea)

Bionema’s biotechnology can target a wide range of pests – so we can’t list them all. If you can’t see your pest on the list, please contact us and we can check for you.

  • NemaTrident®L (Spring)
  • NemaTrident®L (Autumn)
  • NemaTrident®C
  • NemaTrident®CT Plus 
  • NemaTrident®Cold
  • NutriStimula®Turf
  • BeetlesAttra®
  • Nemaspreader®
  • Protects sports turf and lawns from common troublesome pests
  • Fast and effective natural control between 8-30oC
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for grass plants, users and the environment