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Dr Minshad Ansari

– Founder & CEO

Dr Minshad Ansari

Dr Minshad Ansari - Founder & CEO

Instrumental within the bioprotection industry for many years.

Minshad holds a PhD in Applied Agricultural Science from the University of Ghent, Belgium. He was awarded the BASIS in Commercial Horticulture certificate in 2013 and a Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management‎ in 2015.

Minshad founded Bionema in 2012 at Swansea University and is passionate about developing and commercialising natural bioproducts to protect crops from pests and diseases – to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides, enhance food security and increase crop yields.

Minshad has developed and commercialised NemaTrident®, NemaSpreader® and the UniSpore® range of products for major insect pest control.

So far, he has developed more than 12 bioproducts and has raised £680,000 in equity investment and more than £1 million in grant funding.

Minshad is responsible for business development – including strategy planning, operational management, research and development, product and technology innovation, product commercialisation, company regulatory affairs, investment and registration.

Minshad has also won several regional and national awards – including the Industry Collaboration Award; the Success through Innovation Award; the Medical, Life Sciences & Healthcare Award; the New Product (NemaTrident®) Award; and a Business and Education Partnerships Award. See details here: 

Minshad is a scientific entrepreneur and biopesticide biotechnology developer with a successful track record of developing and commercialising bioinsecticide products. Commercially astute with natural leadership, management, and interpersonal skills – he is a lateral thinker, persuasive and resolute and has an extensive international contact network across the agrochemicals, agriTech and biotech industries, as well as the horticulture, sports turf, and forestry sectors.