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MetarForce™: Changing the Game, in Entomopathogenic Nematode Production

Meet MetarForce™ from Bionema, a state-of-the-art technology revolutionising the production of spores. Bionema's special fungal strain acts as a biocontrol solution effectively managing troublesome insects.

Empowering Developing Markets - Growth Opportunities

MetarForce™ tackles the obstacles encountered in developing nations where expensive pest control, water scarcity and cold storage challenges hinder progress. Our innovative technology allows local producers to take advantage of biocontrol advancements by streamlining the manufacturing and scaling of bioinsecticides. The cutting-edge approach we have pioneered significantly reduces production costs compared to existing methods in the market. MetarForce™ ensures shelf life and protection against factors proving highly advantageous in areas with harsh growing conditions.

Subscription Plan Supporting Local Producers

Bionema’s unique fungal strain is a highly-effective, commercial bioinsecticide that can control a wide range of problem insects. The MetarForce™ system creates a solution for emerging countries where the cost of biopesticides, water and cold storage are limitating factors for agricultural growth. 

Our technology allows local producers to take advantage of the advances in biocontrol by making it simple to manufacture and scale nematode bioinsecticides at a fraction of the cost of the current production methods on the market.  Our process also allows for extended shelf life and protection from environmental conditions which is a huge advantage in locations with challenging growing environments.

Bionema offers a subscription model to allow local producers to access the technology, gaining the support and training needed to produce their own bioinsecticide products and effectively manage pest control.


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