Training and Advice

Classroom training overview

Bionema has developed and launched the first biopesticides application courses of its kind in the UK.

Biopesticides are essentially living organisms, such as nematodes, fungi, bacteria and beneficial insects.  It is important to understand how best to use them. The way they are stored, handled and applied is very important.  Without proper care, they may not perform as well as they should.

The courses are designed to include cover both an academic knowledge and practical experience. They are aimed at commercial distributors and end-users, such as growers, farmers, greenkeepers, course managers, grounds managers, foresters, agronomists and integrated pest management practitioners. The courses are aimed at maximising the potential of their highly effective biological-based products, which protect and naturally enhance crops.

Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and as a result, end-user must look to reduce their use of harmful pesticides and increase alternatives like biopesticides. This has led to the biopesticides becoming one of the fastest-growing plant protection products, with growth rates 3-4 times greater than for conventional pesticides.

The certified classroom courses consist of three modules.