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Bespoke Training Overview

When it comes to training, “one size doesn’t fit all”. Consequently, many organisations have specific training needs which are not answered by our online and classroom courses.

At Bionema, we have extensive experience in designing and running bespoke training programs. Also, we develop blended learning solutions (classroom, field, laboratory) that seamlessly fit a bespoke training requirement, reflecting the client’s environments, knowledge and needs.

We can also run our bespoke training programs at any venues both locally and internationally.

We have delivered bespoke training programs for many organisations including English Heritage, the ECB, BIGGA and the IOG.

Thanks for a great few day with English Heritage’s Head Gardeners and Landscape Managers updating us on chemical-free biopesticides and other ways to support healthy plants and gardens.’

Christopher Weddell – Senior Gardens Advisor, English Heritage

‘I was delighted by the professionalism of the three days training course. It has been a very good first experience and I strongly recommend these training courses to other biological pesticide users. I really enjoyed the fact that there was not only a theoretical but also a practical experience involved during this 3-day training course.’

Aurelien Putey, Technical Manager, Scotts

After attending a full days training on the application of entomopathogenic nematodes at the University of Swansea with Dr Minshad Ansari, I was very comfortable and confident in using Nematodes to control our Chafer Grub infestation at The Grove. The training was very informative and delivered in a very understanding way. Since following a detailed program which was set up by

Dr Ansari with regular site visits we have had remarkable success in our first year of a three-year program. We will continue to work with all at Bionema to educate the turf and amenity industry in the use of nematodes as we have lost all our insecticides for turf and with Dr Ansari’s training and expertise, I see no reason why this will not work.

Phillip Chiverton, Golf Course Manager, The Grove, UK