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Digital Training: module 3

Application of beneficial biocontrol agents(Predators, parasitoids and mites)

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For – Professional Growers and Gardeners 

Develop – a complete understanding of beneficial insects as a biocontrol agent. 

Apply – predators, parasitoids & mites through a practical integrated pest management system within your own environment. 

This online course will provide you with an understanding of: 

  • The basics of predators, parasitoidsand mites as biocontrol agents 
  • Mass rearing of predators and parasitoids.
  • Product quality assessment (batch variation).
  • Major crop pests and their natural enemies.
  • Fecundity and survivability in natural condition.
  • Product label and interpretation including handling, storage, and transportation.
  • Application of beneficial biocontrol agents against major crop pests in agriculture andhorticulture

Integration of beneficial biocontrol agents with other crop protection techniques