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Training overview

Bionema practical training - founded on research: focused on nature

Bionema training programmes are developed by biological experts with years of practical experience in maximising the benefits of biological controls.

We focus on the needs of your business to help you achieve immediate beneficial results. A ‘hands on’ approach provides practical knowledge and advice in the use of biological pesticides to maximise their effectiveness – not theoretical, academic lectures.

We offer both on and offsite classroom training for individuals or groups of up to 20 people as well as online training which can save time and money by addressing your team’s specific needs. We help your organisation to find solutions to real problems within your growing and IPM programmes.

Who would benefit from our courses?

Anyone in the Agriculture, Horticulture including Turf & Amenity and Forestry sectors, whether already using biopesticides, or preparing to switch from chemicals and want to learn more the latest best practice solutions to ensure maximum efficiency of natural control systems.

  • Technical Managers / Directors
  • IPM Managers
  • Supervisors/Specialists
  • Crop protection practitioners
  • Agronomists
  • Greenkeepers
  • Grounds Staff
  • Foresters
Dr Minshad Ansari

About your lead trainer

Dr Minshad Ansari holds a PhD in applied agriculture, BASIS certificate in crop protection, PA1, PA6, GEP, GLP with 25 years’ experience in invention and commercialisation of biopesticides, including the delivery of Integrated Pest Management strategies in agricultural, horticultural, forestry and public health sectors. Dr Ansari is one of the most experienced specialists in this biocontrol sector. Minshad established Bionema as a spin-out company from Swansea University in 2012, determined to make it a leading biopesticide technology developer. Recently a few of his inventions were acquired by multinationals. He has published over 80 scientific journal articles including research opinion papers and review articles, as well as many articles in trade and industry magazines, review articles, as well as many articles in trade and industry magazines.