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The 2nd annual Biopesticide Summit & Awards 2020 to be held in Birmingham, UK


The 2nd annual Biopesticide Summit & Awards 2020 to be held in Birmingham, UK

The event, hosted by the World BioProtection Forum, will address major global challenges in sustainable pest and disease management

After the success of first Biopesticide Summit & Awards, the executive and steering committee of the Biopesticide Summit is delighted to announced that the second Biopesticide Summit & Awards will take place on 19-20 May 2020, at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Biopesticides can no longer be viewed as a niche market or an ‘alternative’ to conventional pesticides. Rather, they are the part of a range of plant protection products – that include conventional pesticides – which need to be adopted by farming communities to maintain season long control of pests and diseases, integrate with biological pest control programmes and manage potential issues relating to crop residues.

The global biopesticide industry is projected to grow at more than 14% over the next five years, in response to a perfect storm of challenges facing growers, including the damaging side-effects of toxic chemicals, a growing resistance to chemical insecticides, regulatory removal of chemical products and increasing consumer demand for sustainable practices. The Summit agenda will seek to anticipate and address future requirements with more sustainable solutions.

The Summit aims to connect industry and academia to create novel ideas and services, next generation formulations and delivery systems and provide support for accessing investments to commercialise novel products.

The event brings together the international bioprotection community, including innovators, academics, commercial providers and end-users, to discuss and address the most pressing issues in crop protection and pest control.

The Summit is one of the largest events in the biopesticide industry outside of the US, by number of delegates. The NEC is Great Britain’s largest conference venue, and the ideal central location for national and international visitors to this second annual event.

Delegates will hear from world-leading scientists, researchers, key industry stakeholders, government organisations, investors, policymakers and integrated pest management practitioners.

The event also provides the opportunity for companies to exhibit and delegates to network with peers, innovators and investors.

The Biopesticide Summit & Awards 2020 will:

  • Bring together leading innovators and practitioners in biocontrol industry.
  • Assemble a large and high-quality community of academia, industry and investors to encourage collaboration.
  • Provide meaningful discussion on the challenges facing the industry between growers, customers and biocontrol professionals.
  • Provide pragmatic insight into commercialisation and investment fundraising for new biocontrol ideas.
  • Provide opportunity for 1-to-1 networking, exhibition, and speaker slots.
  • Celebrate the best and brightest new ideas at the Gala Dinner and Awards

Dr Minshad Ansari, Summit chairman and CEO of Bionema said:

Dr Minshad Ansari, Summit chairman and CEO of Bionema said:

“By helping to bridge the gap between academia and industry on the one hand, and commercial providers, growers and buyers on the other, this Summit can address the issues that really matter for the biopesticide industry: namely, where is the next generation of commercially viable innovation coming from, and how will they be financed?”

He added,

“The Awards and gala dinner offer a truly unique opportunity to recognise the achievements of the latest and most innovative new products on the market, the best research projects and the brightest start-ups that the global bioprotection industry has to offer.”


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Notes to editors

The Biopesticide Summit

The Biopesticide Summit and awards is an international platform for collaboration, partnership and advancement of the industry and an integral part of the World Biopesticide Forum. 

About the World BioProtection Forum

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) is an international platform for encouraging collaboration across the biocontrol industry and academia. The WBF was founded in 2019 by Dr Minshad Ansari – a scientist who became an entrepreneur – to encourage the successful development and commercialisation of novel biological control products for agricultural pests and diseases. To join the WBF, or for more information, please visit

Nominations for the 2020 Awards will open in December.

2019 Award winners:

  • New Bioinsecticide Product: Ecolibrium Biologicals
  • New Biofungicide Product: Ecoflora Agro
  • New Bionematicide Product: Ecospray
  • New Semiochemical Product: Eco-FP
  • New Biostimulant Product: Maxstim
  • Innovative Research Project: Agbio Systems
  • Industry Collaboration Award: Bionema and Birmingham University
  • Outstanding Achievement Award: Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi, Founder and Chairman, Russell IPM

Past sponsors include:

Russel IPM
Enterprise Europe Network
Capital Law
Health & Safety Executive
Greenaway Scott


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